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Our aim is to support the blue economy by “conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas, and marine resources…” (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14) as well as to address global goals such as poverty, partnerships, resilient communities and climate change.

Nelson Mandela University’s Ocean Sciences campus established in 2017 is a hub for creative, pioneering transdisciplinary, postgraduate ocean sciences research, teaching, innovation, and engagement that will build, maintain and develop critical mass and strategic impact in key niche areas.

The mission of the campus will span the three interdependent spheres of sustainability being the promotion of sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities by tapping the economic potential of the oceans while preserving marine biodiversity and ecological integrity for the benefit of future generations.

Based on the Ocean Science campus are several research chairs and entities including:

  • Law of the Sea and Development in Africa
  • Ocean Science & Food Security
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Shallow Water Ecosystems
  • Oceans, Culture and Heritage
  • The FishFORCE Academy
  • The Marine Robotic Centre
  • A Drone Unit for maritime, safety, surveillance and related applications

Donations towards these chairs and entities would make a significant impact on the goal of economic growth and development while supporting livelihoods and the health of the ocean.

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