Change the world

The Nelson Mandela University Business School is developing an MPHIL in Ports and Shipping as part of the wider project of the university to lead the country's foray into the ocean economy.  Work on this started in earnest  at the beginning of the year. An nGap student is working on  her doctoral studies with other academics in the faculty to prepare to roll out the qualification, the only of its kind on the African continent, by 2020.

The Business School is also partnering with other entities like SAIMI to provide forward thinking knowledge about a vastly untapped sector of the  African economy.  In support of the university's ground breaking work to lead this project an ocean sciences task team meets regularly to discuss what is needed to build capacity in this greenfield project. 

As such,  the Business School,  with its focus on business education,  infused all its programmes with relevant and value adding modules to enable students to offer cutting edge , solutions driven skills and competencies. In preparing our student for a VUCA world and an unknown  future,  the Nelson Mandela University Business School inculcates values-driven, ethical leadership qualities that will enable sustainable future leadership. 

In addition, our focus on being engaged as an African university, our Integrated African Leadership side of leadership development is widely hailed as unique. 

As an emerging economy, the ocean economy will require innovative and entrepreneurial young men and women who will lead this change and exciting developments. We are living in an era of phenomenal technological advancement  and our teaching and learning methodologies are geared towards preparing our students for this. To this end the focus on international strategy and future studies will assist our students to thrive in an accelerating, disruptive and globalising world.

As a responsive Business School we also work with other local entities to create capacity and opportunity for locals in aquaculture. This is the focus of our Strategic Development Projects with a particular focus on developing a thriving small business and township economy in our region.