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Initiated by the Department of Environmental Affairs, Marine Week aims to highlight the marine environment, mainly to learners and their educators, in light of conservation, uses, recreation, pollution and careers.

A collaborative engagement programme that celebrates the marine environment has been celebrated in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropole annually since 2003. This event was hosted by Bayworld this year and took place from 17-20 October.

Scholars learnt about Aloga Bay, penguins and their conservation, pollution and recycling, and how estuaries, rivers and streams play a role in our lives. The Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR) at the Nelson Mandela University were involved in the planning of this event and provided some funding. 

Other organisations involved were Algoa Bay Hope Spot; Bayworld; Nelson Mandela University Enactus Group; Nelson Mandela Municipality Environmental Unit; Noordhoek Ski-Boat Club; Noziqhamo Art & Craft Recycling; Raggy Charters; SANCCOB and Zwartkops Conservancy. 

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