Change the world

An introduction to Ocean Sciences at Nelson Mandela University:

The following list of links is of video footage around the Ocean Sciences proposition at the University as well as footage on Operation Phakisa and other ocean related topics.

Waves of Change

Waves of Change was a multi-media event which showcased Ocean Sciences at Nelson Mandela University in September 2017. It was an opportunity to learn more in a “bite-sized” way in a 90-minute programme. The following at are the "TedTalk-type" preseantions which emanated from this event. Watch the "Ted-TALK-type" presentations.

Thanks to SABC Digital News for most of the footage below.

Feature on the launch of the FishFORCE Academy on SABC News

Feature on Ocean Sciences on SABC News

Operation Phakisa and Ocean's Economy in Port Elizabeth

Oceans economy summit opens in Port Elizabeth

Maritime Youth Development Programme: Eastern Cape (from SAMSA's website)

Plymouth University's stage 3 Ocean Scientists on a residential field week in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Whales as indicators of ocean health

The university positioning itself as maritime centre of excellence

Dolphins of Port Elizabeth

President Zuma unveils new tug boat, Mvezo, as part of Operation Phakisa

Operation Phakisa in Port Elizabeth

Maritime summit in Port Elizabeth

President Zuma unveils boat hoist and Tug Mvewso in Port Elizabeth

Government's "Blue Economy" falls under Operation Phakisa initiative

Operation Phakisa makes waves